Boronia & Simon

It was such a pleasure to photograph Boronia and Simon’s wedding….it was like spending the day with old friends. As I think back to their wedding a few things stick out in my memory….firstly that Boronia and Simon had a super fun bridal party, we seemed to spend more time laughing than taking photos during the location shoot. Secondly the couple were a dream to photograph, they were so comfortable with each other and it didn’t hurt that Boronia was a dancer and incredibly graceful. And thirdly Boronia gave the best speech ever, in the history of all bridal speechs I don’t think there would be one to top it. She had us all balling like little babies and as she finished speaking one of her guests turned to me and said “whoa”…and that pretty much summed it up for all of us.

Thanks to Annika for second shooting, I hope you enjoy!