Baby Stuff – My Top 5 Favourite Things

I admit I’m a snob, I like pretty things and most baby things are ugly covered with weird embroidery…so when I found out I was pregnant I started to search the internet for the not ugly stuff. A few of my friends who don’t have babies asked me to post a list of what I found and purchased (I cheated and had nine things instead of five).


1. Stokke Sleepi – Because we live in a one bedroom apartment it was important to us that our cot looked nice and also was on wheels, enter the Sleepi. We also managed to get ours second hand and it was in brand new condition, hooray for Gumtree! If you’re also looking at purchasing a Sleepi just know that the bedding for it is super expensive, my Mum is a babe and made us sheets.

felt country road bag

2. Nappy Bag – I’m not really into huge nappy bags, so I put all of my baby stuff into a drawstring bag and either put it in a backpack similar to this or I have the Country Road tote above.


3. Stokke Scoot – We walk a lot so a good pram was very important to us, I spent ages reading reviews and trying to find one pram that would do everything. We found the Scoot (yes I know another Stokke product, we’re also planning on getting a Tripp Trapp once Walt needs a high chair) and it sounded perfect for us. The only problem was they had discontinued version 1 and version 2 wasn’t out yet…thankfully Caleb was able to find a place in the States that ships to Australia and it arrived in only three days! It was totally worth the postage, this pram is amazing, it even folds up small enough to fit in the back of our two door Yaris and as far as prams go it’s only a little bit ugly.


4. Blankets – Once you have a baby you can never have enough, I got given some really beautiful ones and we use them all! One of my favourites is this one from Country Road (we have the bunny too) cause you can carry it with you everywhere and it’s perfect for when the weather changes unexpectedly, I also have this larger one from Coco & Cru which is also lovely.

isoki change mat

5. Isoki Clutch Change Mat – We don’t have a change table so my buddy Annika got us this, it’s the best.


6. Ergo – A good baby carrier makes life so much easier, if Walt is having a rough day we just pop him in this and he sleeps like a dream.


7. The Longest Shortest Time – I know this isn’t a product, but it’s still something baby related that I love! This podcast makes you feel normal, it shows that you aren’t alone and Hilary talks about the parenting stuff that a lot of people usually avoid…word of warning this isn’t the best thing to listen to if you don’t have kids.

the baby whisperer

8. The Baby Whisperer – I don’t agree with everything in this book, but it’s taught me to ask the right questions and given me the skills to fix problems.


9. Love To Dream – Before we had a baby this swaddle totally confused me, now it’s my favourite thing and Walt loves it too.

This is pretty much all we own for Walt besides clothes and a car seat (we also got lent a great bouncer), babies don’t need much stuff and Caleb and I both hate clutter. If you want to see our tiny house you can check out our family shoot.