The Workshop Epidemic

I want to start by saying...I love workshops! So this isn't a negative rant post, rather a post highlighting something I'm just a little bit concerned about.

If you're a photographer and haven't noticed the huge rise in photography workshops over the last couple of years you must be living under a rock. They're popping up everywhere! It's almost expected that if you are a successful photographer, you offer a workshop. And I think this is wonderful, workshops are a great way to learn and network. But there are a couple of things about the new 'workshop culture' that makes me nervous.

1. Addiction - You may think that I'm silly saying people can get addicted to workshops, but if people have to go to absolutely every workshop offered in a year (even if they cover the same subjects) I think they may have an issue. I've even heard of photographers paying for workshops and not paying for the basic needs of their advertising! Then they wonder why no one is booking them and all their 'workshop mates' have so many weddings coming up (note: your 'workshop mates' advertised).

2. Inconstancy - One of the problems I've seen coming out of attending so many workshops is business inconstancy. What I mean is that people are constantly changing their minds about their direction because they are like "well __________ is successful and they do this so I should do it too", then they change their business' direction until the next workshop they attend.

3. Independent thought - Lastly people seem to stop being able to come up with their own ideas. They attend workshops for inspiration, direction and advice...and sometimes in this they seem to lose themselves.

So here are my final thoughts....the people running the workshops aren't doing anything wrong. They are providing a wonderful service and wealth of knowledge to up and coming photographers. So new photographers learn to trust yourself! You have just as many wonderful and creative ideas as the people leading the workshops, don't sell yourself short and copy them. Be yourself. What do you love? What are you ideas? Run with these things, use the tools that workshops have given you. But remember that's all they are, tools and not 'if you do these things you will be successful' rules.

I can't  have a post without a photo! This is just a sneak peak of what I'll be sharing with you on Monday.

Tracey & Joel

I have very little in common with Tracey & Joel. They have lots of pets, I have no pets. They paint their house in bright colours, I'm very boring and am going through a white stage. They are good at gardening and I'm very, very bad at get the idea. But the one thing we do have in common is our love of creative photography!

It was wonderful having Tracey & Joel's input into their photos and that they were just as excited as I was about the images. I really couldn't have asked for an easier or more fun couple...we had a blast. Their wedding was held in the 'forest' at Weston Park, it was a beautiful ceremony and I love how Tracey and Joel really injected themselves into every aspect of the day. We can all learn from yourselves people!

Thanks to Tuli for being my second on the day.

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My So Called Life

I've finally started watching 'My So Called Life' with Claire Danes and Jared Leto. It's been on my list for a while and so far I'm enjoying it. I think the thing I like most about the show is it's 'look', everything is a little dark, washed out and moody....even during the day. As usual it's the light that hooks me in.

A Rainy Wedding

Rain on a wedding day by most is seen to be a bad thing, trying to keep a giant white dress white is hard enough without adding water and mud into the equation. But personally I don't really mind the rain because sometimes it brings about some magical images.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I blogged about giving my shoes to a bride and getting wet feet. Well at the time I'm pretty sure the wonderful Bronwyn & Ben thought I was a little crazy making them walk through muddy puddles, but now seeing this image hopefully it will all make sense. Thanks for being such good sports guys and going along with my eccentric behaviour!

Lorgie & Me

Here at Thorson Photography we don't do albums, but today I'm going to show you something that is very close to changing my mind on that subject. Lorgie & Me.

I was scouring the internet recently when I discovered Kamma's amazing wooden books and albums, they blew me away. They are so simple and beautiful and I'm really trying to work out away to fit them into what we do here at Thorson Photography. But just because I haven't worked this out yet doesn't mean that you can't check them out for yourself! While you're at it have a read of this interview Kamma did for Made It, it's pretty inspiring for those of you who want to work from home.

Here are some of my favourites!Custom Timber Wedding BookWedding Vows BookLondon Travel Journal

Reto & Marita

I remember the first time I spoke to Marita, I was at the Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets and my phone rang. I answered and on the other end of the line was one of the coolest brides I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. As soon as we started chatting we hit it off, Marita explained ideas for her wedding...popcorn, fairy floss, a rockabilly band and I responded with excited remarks like "yes!", "perfect!" and "awesome!". Pretty quickly the conversation moved to the fact that Marita's fiancé Reto was Swiss and that they really wanted to incorporate parts of his culture into the wedding day. As I listened to Marita's ideas and learnt more about her and Reto's relationship all I could think was "please book me, please book me, please book me!!!". So needless to say I was super pumped when I found out the couple wanted me as their photographer.

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Meet Annika

Annika is the newest member of Thorson Photography. She began as a second shooter and her work is so beautiful that she has quickly moved up to associate. I'm pretty sure a few of you would be asking yourselves "what is an associate photographer?", well pretty much if I'm booked for a date don't can still have the Thorson Photography experience with Annika! If you want to learn a little more about her please go here to our about page.I love this photo of Annika cause it pretty much sums her up...she's a wonderful photographer, hard worker and great with kids. The cute little guy with her is the page boy from Amy and Yana's wedding that we shot last month together. Also notice she is carrying her bag, my bag and a child, I'm pretty sure when I took this shot I was just carrying my camera that's it just my camera! Isn't she the best? And strong too.This image is of Annika at a beautiful wedding we shot in Wee Jasper just this last weekend.

Trickle in Wired

If you've been following my blog for a while you'd know that my husband Caleb develops and publishes iPhone apps. This month his app Trickle appeared in Wired Magazine in their App Guide issue. Now for those of you who aren't big nerds Wired  is a huge deal, so I thought I'd share this exciting news with you all! If you're a big user of twitter make sure you go buy yourself a copy of Trickle. 

Fun Fact 1.

Something you may not know about me is that I fall over a lot at weddings (only during the location time). I've never been a clumsy person so I believe this new lack of coordination is caused by me walking backwards a lot, climbing through bushes and trees to get that perfect shot! So if you've booked me you're in for a treat.Also here is a fun picture Annika took of me last week bossing round the groom!


Amy & Yana

It's crazy how different each wedding is, I know most have big white dresses, cake and kisses...but each has a specific flavour.

Amy and Yana's wedding flavour was definitely emotional, I know what you are thinking "every wedding is emotional Amanda" and I would agree but still answer "not like this". There was beautiful openness in Amy and Yana, along with their families...they all loved each other so much and shared this throughout the day with laughter and lots of tears. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and I felt so privileged to photograph a wedding where both the bride and groom held their heart on their sleeve.

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Wet Feet

This is a photo from the wedding I shot last weekend and once again I'm bare foot in a puddle. The bride is wearing my more practical shoes so her's don't get spoiled and I've been wondering why I can't kick this cold! I'm pretty sure the answer lies in this mum would have a fit.


Ok, so if anyone has tried contacting me through my website over the last few weeks and hasn't received a reply...I'm not ignoring you! My contact form hasn't been working properly, so instead just email me at I'm so sorry cause I'm usually really good at replying to inquiries.

Now to something a little more interesting. Many of you would know that I always have a second shooter with me at weddings and that they are all wonderful! On Saturday Tuli was shooting with me and I got a couple of killer shots of her that I thought I would share with you. She's a looker right?

Heidi & Dave

Ok, think of the nicest people you know and times it by five...Heidi and Dave are ten times nicer than that. When I think about them as a couple I can't help but smile and not a little smile, we are talking a huge ass grin. I cried during their ceremony and reception, pretty much I fell in love with them and that's why I'm so excited to share their wedding day with you!

Heidi and Dave's wedding was held and their church followed by a beautiful reception at The Lobby. For their location photos they wanted to go to their favourite book store and just to hang was the best! Also I wanted to point out how great Heidi's 'bridal' taste was, her dress and shoes were hot. I know you will enjoy looking at this post.

Before I show you their beautiful wedding let me just mention how Dave proposed...he flew Heidi (yes he can fly a plane!) over a beautiful beach and his proposal was written right there on the sand. Crazy hey?

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Frocktober - Lisa Barrett

I love following my friend Lisa Barrett's blog! She is such a creative with her clothes, jewellery, fabric and furniture. She is also a master at styling shoots, do you remember this one for Joie Magazine? It's all Lisa's genius!

At the moment Lisa is taking part in Frocktober raising money for ovarian cancer and seeing that I have ovaries I thought it might be a great thing to support. So make sure you check out Lisa's blog and all of her dresses one for each day of October (note I only own about 5 dresses and Lisa's extensive wardrobe puts me to shame).Note: I didn't take this photo, I'm assuming one of her lovely family members did!

Evan & Zoe

Some weddings are just Evan and Zoe's. They are such an amazing couple, always putting others before themselves and it was just so wonderful to see all the people who love them come together and celebrate.

Both Zoe and Evan are creatives, so it makes sense that their wedding would be filled with lovely handmade details and along with that,  Evan singing an original song he wrote for I said it was perfect.

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Instagram Magic

I'm busy, super busy and unfortunately this means I've been neglecting my blog. So I had a spare five minutes and I thought I'd share some of my favourite Instagram images from the last month or so...just to keep you interested. Don't worry I have so many amazing weddings to share with you soon, that's why I'm busy it's wedding Season!


My new favourite online store is Ornamenta! It's amazing, make sure you check out it's wonderful stationary, home wares and ribbons.


My Mum came to me a couple of months ago and explained that her friend Lee's dog was very ill. Mum being the wonderful, thoughtful person that she is wanted to hire me to take some photos of Mollie while she was still well. I agreed.Then this last Thursday I got a lovely card which read: Dear Amanda,  Thank  you so much for creating such a wonderful Mollie album. I love it. I am drawn to go back and look at the photos again and again because they are interesting and like art - to be admired. I treasure this album and it is one of the best gifts I have ever received. You did a fantastic job. Lee

How nice is that? It's so lovely to have your work understood and appreciated, but more than that it's wonderful to be able to give someone images that mean so much to them.

New bag

Many of you by now would know how much I love to shop online. At this very moment a new bag (and a couple of other items) is making it's way to my house via Australia Post and I can't wait! To help channel my excitement I thought I would show you all what it looks like...or what it's suppose to look like. Thanks Urban Outfitters!

Culture - The Canberra Centre Magazine

Firstly welcome to my new website and blog! I've finally switched and left my Tumblr behind...which is just a little sad.

Lately I've been doing some fun work for the Canberra Centre's magazine which is called Culture. It's a fun little job that I do every few months photographing fashionable shoppers to go on the 'spotted' page in the back of the magazine. So next time you're in the Canberra Centre make sure you look good just incase I want to snap your picture.