Curnow Family

I've been photographing this lovely little family for years, before Huck even existed.

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Peters Family

We had a good laugh because last time I photographed Leigh & Graham it was in their home and Flynn was a newborn and the house was tidy. This time round their life and their house isn't quiet so neat with baby Lena added to the mix...that's why they went for a studio shoot. Toddlers + newborns = crazy times.

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Defranciscis Family

Kelvin & Libby visited me in the studio with their lovely daughter Nina, isn't she the sweetest? ❤️

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Sam & Nic

Sam & Nic got married in a cave!!! Yep like a real cave with bats, rocks and other cave stuff.

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Going into different women's homes can be a little nerve racking, never knowing what I'm going to get. I'm not worried about how people look, more about the unfamiliar spaces and meeting new people...people who won't be wearing any clothes :)

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We met, we laughed, I freaking love this shoot. Sarah is a star.

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Alana & Huck

These first months when your baby is still connected to your body, when they almost feel like another limb...a limb that cuddles and wakes you up in the night when they're hungry. This time slips past so quickly.

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Her Growing Body

I'm working on a new personal project and I need your help. But before I can tell you about it I need to talk about a lie we're told.Read more

Jessika & Thomas

Jess and I have been friends since the 7th grade, she's always been much more stylish than me...because of that I had very high expectations for what she was going to wear to her wedding. Read more

Alana & Steve

I'm a sucker for simplicity so Alana & Steve's understated and absolutely gorgeous wedding was right up my alley. Read more

A Winter Family Photo Shoot

If you can handle the cold winter is one of the most amazing times of the year for photo shoot...the light is magic ✨

An Autumn Engagement

Ian & Karyn are getting married later this year and so we went out for a little practice run ❤

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Bonnie & Raff

Bonnie & Raff had a wedding extravaganza at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat it was all about family and friends, we spent very little time taking pictures...these two just wanted to party.Read more

Isabelle Newborn

I met Ellisa a few months back when I did her maternity shoot, so I was very excited to come and photograph her new lovely baby Isabelle ❤

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Tegan & Markus

Markus & Tegan are the best, they're quick to laugh and they don't take themselves to seriously. Honestly they were just a joy to photograph.Read more

Lauren & Pop

I'm currently photographing mothers and daughters and the very different and incredible bond they share. Recently Lauren and 'Pop' can into the studio and afterwards Lauren does a post that sums up everything ❤️Read more


Katie is a kindred spirit of mine, whenever she posts things on social media I know we're on the same page. Newish mums who are trying to navigate a whole world of parenting whilst learning to love our bodies ?

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Harriet's First Birthday

We did a little shoot to celebrate Harriet's first birthday!


I've taken Alana's wedding photos and her boudoir photos  but I think I was most excited to take her maternity ones....cause she's having a baby!!! Read more

Emma & Immy

Having a daughter changed everything. It's a new bond that I've never known before and so I'm currently in the process of photographing other mothers and daughters, exploring this love which so new and different to me.

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