AIPP Awards

Yesterday was the judging of the ACT AIPP print awards, for those of you who don’t know what AIPP stands for it’s the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. I’ve been a member of the AIPP for about a year now (I even have a card in my wallet that says I’m a professional photographer for those who doubt me) so this was my first time entering the awards. I wasn’t to keen to enter at first, but after talking to a few persuasive friends I decided to give it a shot.

So at about 8:30am yesterday I sat down at my computer to listen to the judging of my prints online. Caleb was a little worried for me because sometimes I can be overly sensitive and he was afraid that the mean judges would crush all my hopes and dreams. But thankfully that didn’t happen! I went in with very low expectations just wanting to learn as much as possible. Unfortunately I didn’t learn much…the judges didn’t really have much to say about my prints that I didn’t already know. The only print of mine that had much said about it was the one I actually won an award for…some people really liked it and others hated it. It was kind of funny all the things that they talked about…disconnect between the couple, distance in the relationship, divorce. It’s funny cause I had no thoughts behind this image at all, except that it would look awesome if half of their faces were covered in shadow…deep hey?

The question is now, will I enter the awards again? Hmm….at the moment probably not. I can see why people love them, you can learn a lot, they are exciting and they give you something to work towards in your career as a photographer. I definitely want to grow as a photographer, but I’m not sure if the awards are the right way for me to do that….but you never know I’ve changed my mind before.

Below is the image of Genevieve and James that I got my Silver Distinction for.