Who is Caleb Thorson?

So I’ve got this thing when I read people’s blogs or follow their creative work online, I wonder what their family situation is like? Yes I know I’m nosey…but don’t you wonder if they’ve got kids? Are they married? Who are they married to? If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’d know a lot about me…but very little about my husband Caleb. So today I’m going to fill you in on him, cause he’s pretty much the best ever!

Caleb and I met in 2002 when I studied abroad in Minnesota, to cut a long story short we fell in love and were married in 2004 (yep in June we will have been married for 9 years!). Since then we’ve mainly lived in Australia, but we make sure we visit the USA as much as possible. So since marrying me Caleb has worked in a few different jobs, the longest being at Prime Television for about 6 years. But last year he quit to pursue making apps, which he had been doing on the side whilst working at Prime. His business is called Tall Puppy and he has made some terrific Apps which I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about cause I’m a little shameless when it comes to promoting his work!

This year Caleb is starting on a new adventure of making a documentary! He has had this idea for years and it’s kind of been haunting him, so we’ve decided that he’s going to give it a shot…we don’t have kids yet, we have the time and money to make this happen, so why not? I’m not going to give you any more details yet, except the fact that he’s going to have the best sound girl/camera tech ever (me)!

Needless to say I’m married to an amazing man, he’s a little bit of a tech jack of all trades. He does my business website and advertising (we have a great time thinking up silly Facebook ads), he can code and design apps, he’s also great with video…I’m just thankful that he can’t sing for crap cause there has to be something that I’m better than him at!

Thanks Kelly Tunney for this super dreamy photo.