What’s the Next Step?

I’ve been depressed recently, which is weird for me…ask my family friends, usually I’m the steady one. But lately I’ve found myself just sitting round the house with no motivation to do anything and no real reason for feeling bad. On paper I should be feeling great…I have the best husband in the world, wonderful family and friends and I’m living the dream of working for myself…what do I have to be depressed about?

So yesterday afternoon when these feelings hit again, I thought “I’ve had enough, why do I feel this way?” and then I began to examine my life. I started to trace my feelings and where they came from and then it hit me…I didn’t have any goals! I had personal everyday goals (eventually have kids and get a bigger house etc) and far off dreams (visit Prince Edward Island where Anne of Green Gables is from), but I’m talking business goals to work towards because I’d reached all my goals. When I went full-time at the beginning of this year it was amazing to have all my hard work pay off and so I made the decision to really enjoy it…instead of moving onto the next project straight away, I needed to savour this feeling of accomplishment for a while. But my depression is the sign that it’s now time for my next project (it’s taken me about a month to work this out), so now the question is “what is that project going to be?”. I’ve worked towards my own photography business for years and now that it’s here and going so well…how can make it better? I’m not quite sure which direction I’m going to head yet, but here are a few ideas I’ve had:

1. Photography dance classes: I’m pretty amazing at dancing with my camera, I’m thinking of passing my skills onto the world.

2. Pet weddings: This speaks for itself.

3. YouTube sensation: This is the option I’m leaning towards at the moment…I’m thinking I could be known as the “dancing pet wedding photographer”.

Even though I’m not exactly sure what my next career step will be, I know it will include wedding photography…I love my job! Below is a sneak peek of the next wedding I’m going to share with you.