What I Learned: Pregnancy

It’s been almost three months since I was pregnant and I wanted to record my experience before I completely forgot what it was like.

Firstly I was not one of those women who loved pregnancy, I wasn’t radiant and at no time did I glow (though I did have killer skin and hair which went away as soon as I gave birth). Overall I didn’t enjoy pregnancy, but it was totally worth it and I’ll do it again if everything goes to plan.

1. Listen to your body: Before I got pregnant I went to the gym a few times a week, now please don’t get the wrong idea by no means was I gym rat, but I did try and exercise regularly (mainly to balance out my love of large burgers). But within a few weeks of finding out I was pregnant I was hit with major morning sickness and fatigue like I’d never felt before, I would get puffed walking from the couch to the bathroom and we live in a one bedroom apartment! The Internet had tricked me into thinking I would be fine to exercise all the way through my pregnancy by showing me pictures like this –

1D274907119700-today-today-marathon-141030-teaseAt first I thought there must be something wrong with me, why was it I could only handle slow walking and pregnancy yoga (a nice name for deep breathing whilst laying on a mat next to 14 other pregnant women) and these women were running in tiny shorts? Answer: They’re freaks. When I finally realised this, listened to my body and gave myself permission to rest and just grow a baby I was much happier.

2. Don’t spend much on Maternity clothes: You aren’t pregnant for long so what’s the point in spending all your money on things that will only last you a few months? I found ASOS to be good for cheap maternity clothes I got a blue and white version of this which was my favourite cause I actually felt attractive when I wore it! One thing I found I hated was maternity tops, they tended to be puffy and unflattering, instead I found Cotton On tops like this were the most comfortable and looked the best.

This is me at 38 weeks wearing my pregnancy uniform, jeans and a T-shirt (which also happens to be my non-pregnancy uniform too).

amanda 38 weeks

3. Plan for Parenthood: The one thing I noticed early on is pregnant people are obsessed with labor. It makes sense because you have a giant thing inside of you that has to come out one way or another, but remember labor lasts for a few days at most…and you have your child for the next 18 years. I prepared for labor and felt relaxed about it, but I’m mostly thankful for all the reading I did about bringing a baby home cause it made the whole process way less overwhelming.

4. Avoid people with stories: We all have those people in our lives who love to tell us all the gruesome details about how their lady parts almost fell off during labor, stay away from them! I surrounded myself with positive people or people who wouldn’t tell me all the gross things that happened to them during their baby baking, I found out all those details eventually on my own.

Side note: The header image for this post is from a maternity shoot I did back in 2013 of my brother Simon and his wife Josie, you can check that out here.




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June 08, 2015 at 02:06 AM

He he, this post made me laugh out loud! Hope bubba has settled in well and you’re going great xx

June 08, 2015 at 03:06 AM
– In reply to: Gina

We are doing well, thanks! (I’m enjoying following your house process)

June 08, 2015 at 04:06 AM

Thank you for posting this – I am nearly 20 weeks and this has totally validated how I’ve been feeling too!! Glad to hear you guys are settling in well 🙂

June 08, 2015 at 04:06 AM
– In reply to: Rachel

Oh my goodness, congrats!!! That is super exciting, I’m so happy for you guys 🙂

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