Today I’m 30

Yep, my 20’s are over….but I’m not freaking out about getting old, I’m enjoying it.

I enjoyed my late 20’s way more than my early 20’s and my early 20’s more than my teens…so if we follow this pattern my 30’s should be even better, right? I feel like society has this obsession with youth and beauty, but very rarely do we focus on things that last like relationships (besides romantic), wisdom, creativity and character. I’ve been focusing on what I see as important and therefore 30 doesn’t make me nervous, because I have so much! The best husband in the world, an amazing family, great friends, a wonderful church, a comfortable home, my own business and I’m healthy…I live a very blessed life.

Birthdays make me think, maybe even re-evaluate a little and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not scared to grow old even though I may get less attractive or worthwhile in the eyes of younger people. But I’m more afraid that I may give up and have less value in the eyes of myself. My fear is that I will start to judge myself by the superficial. So to help myself in this area I’ve created ‘Amanda’s Ageing Rules:’

  1. Eat healthy and look after yourself, but don’t focus too much on your appearances
  2. Try new things (mostly food)
  3.  Always be willing to change and admit when you’re wrong
  4. Be creative
  5. Relationships are most important
  6. Rest

I’m going to try and do these things and then hopefully one day I’ll become a well rounded senior citizen.

Here is a fun article about 7 people who found success in their 30’s…also fun fact, did you know Jane Austen wrote her first novel at the age of 35?