Thorson’s Work From Home

Today is a very exciting day in the Thorson household, it’s Caleb’s first day of being a full-time iPhone app developer! He has been developing apps for about three years now and finally it’s time, he’s quit his job and he’s working from home with me. Now before you think ‘wow that sounds glamorous’…keep in mind that we live in a one bedroom apartment, there’s definitely going to be an adjustment period. But it’s totally worth it, to be working for ourselves, on things that we are excited about…what more could you ask for (besides a two bedroom apartment?)

Tall Puppy is Caleb’s company so make sure you check it out! Trickle is for all you Twitter heads who like to keep track of your tweets whilst working and World Contacts+ is for all you popular people who have friends and family all over the world. You know you want them.

Here’s Caleb looking serious.