The Big Hearted Business Conference

So I was reading my feeds this morning and I came across this interview on The Design Files with Clare Bowditch about her new project The Big Hearted Business Conference. I want to go so badly but it’s on a weekend in March which means I’ve got weddings to shoot, but this doesn’t mean you can’t go!

Working and making money from doing the things you love has been a popular conversation theme lately with my friends and also with some of my brides. So when I read about this conference I had so many people jump to mind who I thought would really benefit from attending something like Big Hearted.  “This event is for emerging creative entrepreneurs, or people who are looking to make their living by building a small-business based on their creative skills or ideas. This means it will be helpful for everyone from photographers, graphic-designers, writers, artists, musicians, bloggers, crafters, fashion-designers, the list goes on.” 

Oh my goodness this sounds like an amazing weekend, so stop saying you want to start your own business, get off your bum and do something about it!