New York, NY

About a week and a half ago we were in New York city.

It was my first visit to New York and I was blown away by how huge it was, actually at times I found it quite overwhelming.

One of our main reasons for going to New York was to visit our good friend Chad.

He was the perfect guide showing us all around the city and most importantly the restaurants.

I have absolutely no desire to live in a city as big as New York (I like quiet Canberra), but the only thing that would entice me to even think about it is the food. Canberra is sadly lacking in good restaurants.

Eating was by far the highlight of New York (besides Chad).

Hold on, Trump Tower was also a highlight…by far the ugliest and tackiest place we saw on our trip.

We also got to see some crazy subway preachers on Sunday morning, but I was a little disappointed that we missed the infamous laughing 400 pound homeless man who eats M&M’s off his naked stomach.

We had an amazing visit, Chad was a wonderful guide and my feet came away with the biggest blisters of my life (totally worth it).