My Life To Come

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing Will & Sam’s beautiful wedding with you, one thing I didn’t mention in the post was Will’s amazing gift with words. His speech at the reception blew me away, so I thought I’d share what he wrote for Sam on their wedding day (this may have been one of the moments when I cried). He is a true artist and a poet, make sure you check out his blog!

 My Life To Come

And I can start to see the forming of my life to come
Having day dreams of days themed with my wife in the sun
Mental scenarios of my wife and son
And my daughters – if I’m lucky there’ll be more than one

But take kids back from the picture; we’ll start prior
Thinking Sunday fry-ups, peaceful like the shire
Not in middle earth, but in between worlds
Somewhere in between heaven and this planet’s curves

Somewhere unexplainable, only understandable
By colours unpaintable and music unsampleable
Some in between state, in between states
Of inner dream shapes, and picture clean slates
For splatter paint dates where we shatter framed fates
And live our own way

No one telling us that marriage means settling down
‘cause any life less would be settling now
And I’m unsettled by the thought of being separable now
I won’t settle until we’re petals on the same damn flower
And that’s a lifelong process; it starts with a wedding
But doesn’t end until this skin becomes something we’re shedding
And when I start to see the forming of my life to come
I see us poured in one puddle of Christ, undone
Giving our lives to become three in one

So amidst all the morning teas, one sugar and milk
And between all future pages where my ink is spilt
And underneath the foundations of the house we built
And my children on my shoulders or beneath my quilt
When I look into the life that I’m walking towards
I see the kingdom of heaven upon our floorboards
When I see the tensions, the pain and the moments of grief
I see the strength of the slain lamb holding our weakest of weeks
And I can’t wait to give this finger, this heart, this soul
To tipping out all I am to become one whole

And these thoughts were sparked by the first time
I saw the place we’ll live together for the first time
Feeling sweeter than the sweetest of desert wine
So excited I could even see the dirt shine.