Movie Ring Bearers

I’m sick and I have been for the last week or so…the only good thing about this (besides getting to catch up on movie viewing) is I have lots of time to think. Yesterday all over the news there was the couple who had the Lord of the Rings themed wedding, complete with Gollum as the ring bearer. If you missed it go here and get ready you are in for a treat. As I mentioned I’ve been ‘sick thinking’ a lot and this wedding got me wondering, what other hollywood characters would make interesting (hopefully not quiet as creepy) ring bearers? I’ve come up with a few, keep in mind I’m totally happy for you to use these in your own weddings as long as you credit me with the original idea.

1. I’m a huge fan of 80’s movies so I’m thinking a Say Anything theme would be awesome. A John Cusack look alike could walk down the isle holding his boom box over his head and the ring would be conveniently hidden in his trench coat pocket. Note: obviously the boom box would be playing ‘In Your Eyes’ by Peter Gabriel.2. In honour of my Father I’m going to include The Matrix. The ring bearer would have to be a large African American man wearing sunglasses and the bride and groom would have to choose between the red and blue rings.3. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou was the choice (we are huge Wes Anderson fans in our household). If you are a conservative couple this may not be the option for you as the ring bearer would be in honour of the running chick. But if you are a budget conscious couple this could be the choice for you…all you would need is a curly haired friend and a pair of running shorts.I would love to hear your ideas for ring bearers, if you have some to contribute please post them on my Facebook.