Mine Is Yours – The Podcast

Some of you may remember last year I hosted a workshop. The idea was that photographers with varying levels of experience would get together and share their experiences, with the hope that through these stories we would all learn and grow in our profession. The workshop went well and I came away with very positive feedback from all the attendees, but the one thing that I didn’t foresee happening was me being stressed! I found the whole day really hard, I was constantly worried thinking ‘are people learning?’, ‘I hope people don’t think I’m dumb for organising this’ or ‘are people having fun?’. Since the workshop I’ve known that I haven’t wanted to run another one because of the stress, but I also haven’t been able to kick this idea of learning through others experiences….that’s why the Mine Is Yours Podcast has been born!

I’m going to be interviewing all sorts of amazing wedding and portrait photographers about whatever they want to share about. We’re going to be talking about all sorts of interesting topics from motherhood to depression and how people have learnt to run their photographic businesses successfully. I’m so excited to get to meet other photographers and to hear their stories!

If you want to follow what’s going on with Mine Is Yours I’ve made a Facebook page and Caleb made me a website….fun times.