Lonsdale St Traders Launch

I love living in Canberra, but sometimes I feel like as a city people give us a hard time. I’ve lost count of how many comments I’ve heard like “Canberra is boring” or “no one lives in Canberra except public servants”, but thankfully the people making these statements have been misinformed…Canberra is a great place to live and (some) public servants are fun! I’m so excited to be living in Canberra at the moment, new restaurants, coffee shops and places to shop are opening up all the time and one of those places is Lonsdale St Traders. If you haven’t been to Traders yet I highly recommend you go, there are all sorts of exciting places to shop, a gallery space, hairdresser, florist and even a bakery…it’s a mini mall with a twist. But I think the thing I appreciate most about Traders is that it’s enhancing Canberra’s creative community, Thursday night was it’s launch party and I was struck by how many like minded people I was meeting through this one event. I really feel like Traders is becoming the hub for Canberra’s creatives and I’m so excited to see how this space continues to grow and develop!

Below are the photos I shot for the launch (if you want to see more you can go to the Traders facebook page), images from the fashion parade feature clothes from Pela’s Studio. Enjoy!