Leo’s Birth

Today we have the pleasure of sharing the birth of sweet Leo which Annika got to photograph just before Christmas. But instead of hearing from us it’s way more fun to hear Eloise’s birth story from Eloise –

“If you’ve ever been pregnant and overdue you’ll understand why I started screening phone calls and ignoring text messages after around 40 weeks. Everyone wants to know if you’ve had the baby yet (‘cos it’s the kind of thing you’d forget to announce?), ask when you’re being induced, or give you “helpful” hints to start labour. Yeah, I’ve tried acupuncture, thanks.

I’m one of those strange people who actually enjoys pregnancy though (I know, right), so I wasn’t particularly worried about going “post dates”. Some of us just like to cook them a bit longer. Our baby was also apparently very stubborn and comfortable in utero despite weeks of braxton hicks and contractions that go nowhere. Every night we would think “maybe tonight’s the night!”. And every morning I would wake up and still be pregnant.

Eventually, we were nearing 42 weeks, which tends to make people (doctors included) start to worry why your baby hasn’t arrived yet. We decided this baby needed a bit of a hint that it was time to get out. So to avoid the dreaded induction we opted to break my waters and hope that was enough. Luckily it was.

After a walk around the botanic gardens and a few hours of labouring at home we headed back into birth centre to meet our midwife Monica. I hadn’t been timing anything (that was Scott’s job) and still wasn’t really sure it was time to go. I was convinced we had gotten there too early and told Scott, “actually no, we have to go home”. Thankfully, nobody else agreed because he was born 1.5 hours later.

This baby made us wait nearly an extra 2 weeks, and suddenly now it felt like he was in a hurry. Things picked up quickly and I eventually got in the bath and just kept breathing through each contraction. Time then kind of blurred, but I do remember pausing to say “wow I feel so much better!!” once his head was out, and then saying “I did it!” about twenty times when he was born.

If you asked me about birth photos during my first pregnancy, I probably would have said no way. But after a not so empowering first birth experience (and some not so great photos my husband took on my iPhone), I decided this experience was going to be awesome and I wanted the photos to prove it. Fortunately it was, and that’s exactly what we got! The photos tell the story of Leo’s birth perfectly and make me want to do it all over again.”

Thank you so much Eloise & Scott for choosing us to witness this massive part of your lives, we feel so privileged! You guys are amazing and it was such a pleasure getting to know you and Ivy during this whole process.


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