Learning Light

For a while I’ve been thinking about what makes the best photographers the best? And how can I keep improving in my craft? I think it’s because when you first start photography there is so much to learn…basic settings on your camera, correct exposures and making sure people look good in your photos, whether that be through posing or some other magical means. Then you start to learn more about light, this is what I like to refer to as the “backlight absolutely everything stage” where you don’t like any of your photos unless there is sun flare in them. Then the next stage is where I believe I’m at right now…learning to master light.

For the last couple of years all I’ve been able to see is light, when others see a tree I see it’s shadows, the colour of the light around the tree and where the sun is in relation to that tree. I’m always thinking about light…where it’s moving to and if it’s going to change, sometimes it does my head in. But most of the time it’s wonderful! Lately I’ve really been enjoying being able to experiment with light and sometimes that means failing and making big mistakes (side note: I don’t experiment during important wedding day moments) but other times it means taking a killer image! I’ve been really enjoying seeing the growth in my images, at the moment I’m good with light but I know that I won’t be the best until I’ve mastered it. That’s my goal anyway…if any of you are ‘light masters’ and have any tips I’d love for you to share them with me.