Indie Game: The Movie

Caleb and I are both sick at the moment which means we have time for even more television watching than usual. Last night we watched the documentary Indie Game: The Movie, it was wonderful. I love learning about how other people create and even though video games have very little in common with photography, many of our creative experiences are the same. The feelings of fear when you create something and put it out into the world to be judged, that seems to be a universal problem for us all.

Caleb loves playing indie games and I really enjoy watching them. You may laugh at me, but have you seen how beautiful games are becoming? They are art. Some of my favourites have been Braid, Journey and Limbo and it’s so encouraging to think that these games were made by either small independent companies or a couple of guys working from home. It makes you think ‘maybe I could do something great working from home in my pyjamas!’ (hopefully because I’m still wearing my pj’s as I write this.)

This was one of those movies that you finish watching, but scenes of it keep running in your head for days afterwards. It makes you want to jump up off your couch and make something, I hate overuse of the word inspiring…but no other word does this movie justice. It’s exciting to see the little guy, the nerdy guy, the emotionally unstable guy be able to make something awesome and for the world be able to experience it.