I’m In A Girl Band

The rumours are true, I’m in a girl band. I myself am surprised at this fact, not that it’s a band…I’ve been playing bass in bands since my teens, but the fact it’s a ‘girl band’.

I’ve usually thought of girl bands being angry man hating feminists who can’t play their instruments and so I’ve never wanted to go near one…let alone play in one. But a couple of months ago my friend Cathy asked me to be in her pop up band based on the book “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret” and I said yes. I still don’t know why I agreed, I think mainly because Cathy and I used to play in a band together and I missed being able to make music together. Overall it’s been a really fun experience, I’ve made some great new friends, I haven’t made anyone cry (which has been known to happen when I hang out with other girls) and we’re starting to sound pretty good!

If you would like to see us we will be playing one show only, where we will sing about boys, puberty and religion (the themes of the book). It’s next Friday 22nd for the You Are Here Festival and if you want to come you can find out more details here. If you are wondering who took our photo, it was me…the wonders of a tripod and a remote.