If I got married today (2014) – Wedding Two

Many of you will be aware that earlier this year we travelled to Mexico for my sister-in-law’s beautiful wedding, if you missed it you can check out the photos I took here. It was hands down one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to and that’s why it’s my second wedding option.

We would stay here at The Inn at Rincon which is an amazing hacienda with private beach, private pool and most importantly private chef. This wedding option would only have immediate family in attendance and our besties.


I feel like being in Mexico I should wear colour, but I’m not really into anything super bright…so I’m thinking a mint green dress would be lovely.

Canberra Wedding Photography

Caleb would sport a mint bow tie.


Most importantly at this wedding we would eat a lot of tacos and drink a lot of margaritas.

Canberra Wedding Photographer