Family photos.
Not the awkward kind.

How often does your family look perfect, clean, neat and tidy? Very rarely I’m guessing. Let’s take photos that actually look like you!

Your home.
Your life.

Your home is an extension of who you are. Have your photos taken in a place you love.

Be yourself.

You’re terrific as you are. Let’s not complicate it.

Have fun.

Sure we could get everyone to sit still and look at the camera. But why not have fun instead!  

Pose if you have to.

Sometimes you just need a nice photo of a large group of people. We can do that too.

How much?

We do things different than you may be used to. Shoots are a little more expensive but you get to keep the digital images to do with as you please. It works out better for everyone in the long run.


Mini Shoot | $440

Quick and dirty. The whole thing lasts roughly 30 minutes and you’ll get about 20 photos. Mini shoots are great for new babies and small families.

Full Shoot | $770

This shoot takes a little longer and you’ll get a lot more images. Full shoots are good for extended families or people who just want a little extra time and more photos.


Book | $250

All your photos in a beautiful, hardcover book.

Fine Art Prints | $60+

Prints can be ordered directly from your online gallery. They aren’t cheap but they’re the best you can get.

You’ve got questions.

Where will the shoot take place?
I’d prefer to come to your home but if that doesn’t work we can always meet in a park or something. I know all the best places.

My kids are “difficult,” will that be a problem?
So are mine! It won’t be a problem.

Are you going to pressure me into buying things I don’t want?
Nope. We offer beautiful, fine art prints but you are under no obligation to buy from us. Get them printed wherever you want.

Still have questions? Ask me anything.

OK, let’s take
your photos!

Send me an email, message me on Facebook, or use the form below. If you’re weird and would prefer to call, you can do that too. My number is 0401 399 163.

Let’s be friends.

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