Dear Adam Scott

Recently on our trip to the states I saw Adam Scott at LAX and I didn’t say anything…I’ve regretted this decision for the months following this almost encounter. So I’ve decided to write him a letter on my blog, I’m positive he’s going to see it cause world famous movie stars come to my website all the time.

Dear Adam Scott,

I saw you in a hallway at LAX on Tuesday 14th August at about 7:00pm and you walked straight past me with your eyes firmly trained on the floor. I know that if you had looked up and seen me you would have been blown away by my good looks (I’d been awake for almost 24 hours by that point) and the creepy “oh my goodness it’s Adam Scott” smile on my face and you would have wanted to meet me! But none of that happened, you walked past, I was a chicken and didn’t say anything and Caleb (my husband) didn’t see you so he still thinks I’m making all this up.

The thing I was most surprised about when I saw you was the fact that you were dressed like Ron Swanson in a red and black plaid lumberjack type jacket (kind of like this) and that you were shorter than I expected…neither of these observations were very exciting.

So the big question that has haunted me is “Why didn’t you say hi to Adam Scott when he is one of your favourite actors of all time?” Cause lets put the record straight here, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to talk to other celebrities or your friends (LAX is a goldmine) I’ve seen many lesser known actors, Mike from MXPX (this was cool in 1999) and once Vince Vaughn even stood behind me in line/rode on the same plane as me. But never before has it bothered me that I haven’t said hello to a celebrity and I think the reason I didn’t say anything to you was because I’m positive that I would have been disappointed by our conversation. I’m sure (and I hope) that you’re a nice guy, but lets be honest if I were you getting off a flight and some crazy jet-lagged Australian girl came up to say “oh my goodness, you’re Adam Scott…can I get an instagram of you?” or “you’re Adam Scott, I love Party Down and you’re my third, no fourth favourite character on Parks & Rec behind Ron, Andy & Chris” your response would probably have been “gee thanks” and you wouldn’t be happy to talk to me at all. Even if I approached you and was super cool saying things about your ‘acting technique’ in The Vicious Kind, you still wouldn’t care cause it’s hard to show someone in 30 seconds how funny and interesting I truly am.

So instead to save myself the disappointment I kept my mouth shut and instead I came up with this made up a version in my head, where I say ‘hi’, we find out that you’ve secretly always wanted to be friends with a wedding photographer, then I introduced you to Caleb and then we all become best friends forever. It’s what I call my teenage girl denial…like when I used to think that if Taylor Hanson could only meet me he would realise that I was the most interesting/beautiful girl in the whole wide world and would want to be my boyfriend (this was in 1996). This option also saves me from finding out what you are really like, cause it would be pretty hard to keep watching Party Down and Parks and Rec if you were a jerk to me. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the viewing experience because I would be distracted by thoughts like “that guy was stuck up and a little bit mean to me at LAX”…instead I like my made up version of you, the nice version who wants to hang out and have us over to his house for Thai food (ok maybe that’s taking things to a creepy level).

Adam Scott I love your acting, I’m sad we didn’t get to meet and I really hope you’re nice in real life.

From you’re hopefully not too creepy fan,