Come To My House

So to cut a long story short…I was going to move into a new space outside my house and now I’m not. Instead I will continue to work from my one-bedroom apartment with my husband Caleb who also works from home. But this almost-move has motivated one change in my business that I am excited about, clients will now be meeting me at my house!

For as long as I’ve been a photographer I’ve had the mantra “work and home life must stay separate” and for that reason I’ve always met clients at their homes or in the city for coffee. But then recently I was out to dinner with friends and we were discussing this whole “work space” dilema I’d found myself in and everything became clear! I’ve been under the false impression for such a long time that getting a work space would be best for me, a place to meet couples, edit and do my paperwork…but all these ideas stem from my rule that work and home don’t mix. But now I’ve realised every week I go into couples homes, meet their closet friends and family, witness the biggest commitment of their lives and I expect them to open all this up in front of me and I share very little. I’m not saying that couples will want to know all my life’s secrets, but I am saying that I work in a personal business and the better my couples know me the more comfortable they’ll be around me, which equals better images! So all my client meetings are now held at my apartment, I want to extend the same hospitality to my couples that they extend to me. They’ll get to see all the weird art that we own (including Caleb’s life sized ‘Lord of the Manor’ portrait), drink our drinks and maybe even play our pinball machine if they’re lucky. I’m excited for you all to come over this year…if anything it’s going to encourage me to keep my apartment clean.

Above is a photo of the lovely Grace, I’m going to share more of this shoot later in the week.