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  • My Heart Is Not A Machine

    Whitley is back and his new album is amazing…listen.

  • Geek Love

    In 2011 TLC aired the amazing show Geek Love, which was about speed dating at Comic Con….but unfortunately the show was only a few episodes long. But I found out this week that it’s now become a web series…Caleb and I may or may not have watched the whole thing on Sunday night.

  • The Starry Field

    My friend Mark Myers (some of you may be familiar with his work with The Middle East) has reformed his old band The Starry Field…which is very good news for all of us! He writes beautiful songs which somehow manage to be honest, funny and moving all at once, the guy is truly gifted.

  • Wuthering Heights


  • What Playing Cricket Looks Like To Americans

    Some of you may have seen this video that I posted on my Facebook…I loved it so much that I thought I would share it with you on my blog as well! It made me laugh so much, especially being married to an American. Caleb can confirm that when he first moved to Australia this…

  • Walk Down The Aisle To This

    The Thorson’s current favourite album would have to be The Lumineers and Ho Hey is the perfect ‘walk down the aisle’ song. Take a listen and I’m sure you’ll want to use it!

  • Kinfolk Volume 4

    The summer issue of Kinfolk was released today! It’s perfect, make sure you go out and get yourself a copy. An Ode to Summer from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

  • Laura Veirs

    Laura Veirs has been one of my favourite musicians for the last ten years…the woman is a genius. It’s lovely to see a female musician who writes amazing songs and doesn’t use her body and sexy dance moves to convince people that she is talented.  

  • World Contacts+

    Yesterday my very talented husband Caleb released his newest app World Contacts+. Essentially it’s a quick dial app with a world clock, perfect for people who have friends and family living in other time zones. If you want to know more MacStories did a more in depth write up, read it and then buy Caleb’s app…only 99c in…

  • I Made A Video

    So I made a video. It was just a little bit of fun cause I’ve been teaching myself to use iMovie and Final Cut Pro. I’m pretty sure I won’t become a wedding videographer anytime soon…I’m kind of unco at this stuff! The music is by my band Margaret Helen King (so you can enjoy…