Bec & Darel

Annika grinned and sighed as she replayed the day to me "Bec and Darel were just so easy and wonderful to was a heap of fun."

Canberra Wedding Photographer

Tammy & Nigel

In January I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Tammy & Nigel, they had their reception at the National Portrait Gallery which made for a beautiful backdrop to their incredible first dance, these two have some sweet moves!

Miss Jones in Love

…whimsical and unique designs to enhance your event


There will be no blogging from me this week in honour of my friend Stewart.


I haven't seen a movie that I've loved, I mean really loved in ages...but that all changed on Wednesday night. Caleb and I sat down and rented a movie from our apple TV (the american store) 50/50. This is unfortunate for  Australians because 50/50 won't be released in our cinemas until March. But trust me it's worth the wait, this movie was amazing! It made me laugh, cry and it earned every one of those 93 rotten tomatoes. Instead of telling you more I thought I'd share the trailer with…

Dear Photograph

Have you seen the beautiful website Dear Photograph? If you haven't make sure you check it out...below I've put up a couple samples of what you'll find there. Dear Photograph, This little girl is all grown up, and grandma is gone, but her garden still grows… Patricia Dear Photograph, I remember when my Dad taught my niece how to ride her bike. Today she stands tall and this photo is what I now hold close to me. Dad passed away, suddenly, eight weeks ago and Christmas and New Year’s Eve just…

Meet Annika

Annika is the newest member of Thorson Photography. She began as a second shooter and her work is so beautiful that she has quickly moved up to associate. I'm pretty sure a few of you would be asking yourselves "what is an associate photographer?", well pretty much if I'm booked for a date don't can still have the Thorson Photography experience with Annika! If you want to learn a little more about her please go here to our about page.I love this photo of Annika cause it pretty much…

Trickle in Wired

If you've been following my blog for a while you'd know that my husband Caleb develops and publishes iPhone apps. This month his app Trickle appeared in Wired Magazine in their App Guide issue. Now for those of you who aren't big nerds Wired  is a huge deal, so I thought I'd share this exciting news with you all! If you're a big user of twitter make sure you go buy yourself a copy of Trickle. 


My Mum came to me a couple of months ago and explained that her friend Lee's dog was very ill. Mum being the wonderful, thoughtful person that she is wanted to hire me to take some photos of Mollie while she was still well. I agreed.Then this last Thursday I got a lovely card which read: Dear Amanda,  Thank  you so much for creating such a wonderful Mollie album. I love it. I am drawn to go back and look at the photos again and again because they are interesting and like art - to be admired. I…

New bag

Many of you by now would know how much I love to shop online. At this very moment a new bag (and a couple of other items) is making it's way to my house via Australia Post and I can't wait! To help channel my excitement I thought I would show you all what it looks like...or what it's suppose to look like. Thanks Urban Outfitters!

SOHI - Kids Shoot

Some of you may remember last year I did a shoot for SOHI Magazine’s summer issue (check it out here) and the other day I realised I never showed you some of the extra shots that didn’t make the issue. This was such a fun day, it was my first and only time shooting kids fashion.

Winter Wonderland - The Couple

Good morning friends! Today I’m excited to share with you some more images from the Winter Wonderland workshop I attended. Christine did a wonderful job organising a shoot for the second afternoon which was styled the very talented Scout & Charm. Here are some of the images I took that afternoon, the rest will be on my Facebook.

Winter Wonderland

I just got back from Winter Wonderland, a lovely photography workshop put together by Christine Pobke. It was great to spend a weekend learning from Christine, Samm and Sheye and spending time with like minded people. I’m excited to be sharing some images with you from the workshop over the next week or so.


 When we were visiting our good friends Dave and Jessica in Minnesota we thought it would be funny for the boys to have ‘Best Friends’ photo shoot. It was hilarious…even when I was editing the photos of Caleb and Dave I was cracking up! I hope you enjoy this bit of fun.