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  • Some good stuff to watch

    I really don’t like watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, whilst other people enjoy the newest super hero movie I would much prefer to be watching a documentary or TV series. So I thought I’d share with you a couple of things I’ve watched recently that have knocked my socks off!

  • Les Revenants

    Caleb and I started watching Les Revenants (The Returned) this week and we’re totally hooked! It’s an incredibly beautiful French TV show about people who have died years earlier returning to their homes…it’s exciting, mysterious and a little bit spooky. Also don’t worry if the whole subtitle thing scares you away, A&E have announced that…

  • Derek TV Show


    Oh my goodness, have you watched Derek yet? I’m sure you’re thinking yeah, yeah Amanda’s talking about TV again and I’m sorry I haven’t blogged about much else lately…but Derek is worth me talking about!

  • The Thorson’s Winter Watching

    Sometimes winter TV can be hard…it’s summertime in the USA so most of the good shows are on hold and don’t start again until September. So today I thought I would share with you what Caleb and I are watching this winter.

  • Enlightened

    Two seasons was way to short for this television gem.

  • Geek Love

    In 2011 TLC aired the amazing show Geek Love, which was about speed dating at Comic Con….but unfortunately the show was only a few episodes long. But I found out this week that it’s now become a web series…Caleb and I may or may not have watched the whole thing on Sunday night.

  • House of Cards

    I haven’t blogged about TV for a while because I haven’t found anything new I’ve liked…until now. House of Cards is the new Netflix exclusive series staring Kevin Spacey & Robin Wright and it’s so, so good. It’s pretty much a show about American politics, sounds boring right? Trust me it isn’t!

  • Dear Adam Scott

    Recently on our trip to the states I saw Adam Scott at LAX and I didn’t say anything…I’ve regretted this decision for the months following this almost encounter. So I’ve decided to write him a letter on my blog, I’m positive he’s going to see it cause world famous movie stars come to my website all the…

  • Edith’s Wedding Dress (Downton Abby)

    Another perfect wedding dress on Downton Abby!

  • SPOILER ALERT!!! Downton Abbey


  • Six Feet Under

    Last week we finished watching Six Feet Under and even now I’m struggling to put into words just how good this show was. As soon as it ended I walked out of the room and had a big cry fest which lasted for at least an hour. Caleb and I talked for ages afterwards (in-between my tears)…

  • The Newsroom

    I’ve really been enjoying HBO’s The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin’s newest project. It only started a few weeks ago but already I’m hooked…more than anything I love the music! Have a listen.

  • Episodes

    At the moment we are watching the second season of Episodes…oh my goodness I love this show! If you haven’t watched it yet I highly recommend you do, it’s hilarious.  

  • Game of Thrones – Wedding Vows

    How long do think it will take for all the nerds out there to start using the Game of Thrones wedding vows? I give it a couple of weeks.

  • Goodbye Kristen Wiig

    I love watching Saturday Night Live and one of my favourite cast members is Kristen Wiig. Unfortunately last week was Kristen’s last show, I can only assume she is leaving to make movies…she’s in everything at the moment! So I thought I’d share one of her sketches, below is a link to a parody of Zoey Deschanel (Abby…

  • Top 5 Half Hour TV Shows

    Many of you by now would know that I love watching TV (more than movies) and so today I thought I’d share my top 5 favourite half hour TV shows, these are in no particular order.

  • Girls

    So I watched the pilot of Girls last night, a new HBO original series. This was weird viewing experience for me, it was like watching my friends on TV…the ‘girls’ were just average girls. It was refreshing to watch normal looking people on TV, instead of the usual stick thin girls who spend 5 hours a day at…

  • Do you remember this?

    Yesterday I remembered this ad…it’s just as amazing now as it was six years ago.

  • The Walking Dead Intro

    I love the TV show The Walking Dead! It’s about zombies and it’s just a little bit scary…actually for me it’s a lot scary but I’m a wimp. One of the things I love about the show besides the excitement, moral dilemmas and zombie guts is the intro. I’m a huge sucker for good TV show intros…fitting music…

  • Portlandia – Dream of the 90’s

    I’m so excited. Portlandia season two has begun and it’s just as good as the first season! Some of you may remember Put a bird on it which I’ve shared with you on the blog before, well today I’m going to share another Portlandia favourite with you – Dream of the 90’s. This is also from…