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  • The de Hoog Family

    A couple of weeks ago I spent the afternoon with Annika, her beautiful family and their animals. We started the shoot in their backyard and then we went down to their favourite pond to feed the ducks.

  • Walt Six Weeks

    By now you probably have heard that I’ve had a baby, because I’ve become on of those crazy Mum’s who takes millions of photos of their babies and gets excited when he burps.

  • Tess & Sean

    I got to photograph my lovely friends Tess & Sean recently…along with their gorgeous new dog Coco.

  • Canberra Family Portrait

    Thorson Kids In Mexico

    If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’d know that I love taking photos of my nieces and nephews! Asher, Anna, Jesse and Josie live in the USA and so if I’m lucky I see them once a year…but this year we were really lucky to see each other in Mexico. One morning…

  • The Documentary

    Many of you will be aware that last month my husband Caleb and I travelled to Minnesota to film a documentary.

  • Tammy & Nigel’s Engagement

    Last month I got to shoot Tammy & Nigel’s engagement photos, it was such a fun afternoon! I can’t wait for their wedding next year…it’s going to be a blast.

  • Simon & Josie’s Maternity Shoot

    Simon is my younger brother and he and his wife Josie are expecting the first grandchild in our family…I’m so excited!

  • National Portrait Prize

    For the second year in a row I entered the National Portrait Prize and for the second year in a row I wasn’t a finalist…what a downer! But even though I didn’t win anything it was fun (and cheap) to enter and I love the image I entered, it’s of my lovely friend Keeley.  

  • Keeley Part 2.

    This is the second part of my shoot with the lovely Keeley! This half is a little less arty, we were more focused on the more traditional portfolio stuff. Enjoy!

  • Magic Mirror

    These crack me up! This crazy mirror was at the house when we did Keeley’s shoot…the first shot is what Keeley normally looks like and then notice what the mirror does to her face. She looks like a different girl in each shot, they totally creeped me out!

  • Keeley Part 1.

    My friend Keeley is a wonderful actress and she asked me to take some photos of her to update her portfolio. Obviously I said yes and we had a lovely morning hanging out and taking photos! Thanks to Cathy for letting us use her house, hope you enjoy.

  • A morning shoot

    I did a little shoot this morning with my good friend Keeley, here is a little sneak peek (taken on my phone). Enjoy!

  • Boronia & Simon Portrait

    You may recognise Simon & Boronia from their wedding photos that I shared with you earlier in the year. I was really excited when they contacted me about taking their portraits, firstly because they are heaps of fun to hang out with and secondly because when people come back that means they love my photos! We can…

  • Michelle & Piero Engagement

    Firstly I want to begin by saying that I had a really hard time choosing what images to share with you from this shoot, there were just so many good ones! Yes, some of that is because of my sweet skills…but mostly it comes down to two things: Michelle and Piero putting lots of time and effort…

  • Sorry!

    Ok, so if anyone has tried contacting me through my website over the last few weeks and hasn’t received a reply…I’m not ignoring you! My contact form hasn’t been working properly, so instead just email me at amanda@thorsonphotography.com. I’m so sorry cause I’m usually really good at replying to inquiries. Now to something a little…

  • Winter Wonderland – Kate

    While I was at Winter Wonderland I had the privilege of photographing Kate Bussey in one of our projects…she was a wonderful model and I was so happy with how they turned out!