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  • Elissa

    When Elissa first contacted me about doing a maternity boudoir shoot I may have done a fist pump. The chance to photograph a pregnant woman in her underwear… Yes please!

  • Felicity & Brad Maternity

    It’s the best when couples I’ve photographed before come back…with babies in their belly!

  • Alex & Penny Maternity

    I photographed Penny & Alex’s wedding years ago and so I was ecstatic when they asked me to take their maternity photos!

  • What I Learned: Baby Body

    I should preface this post by saying I’ve never had a hot body. When many of you look back to your teen years and reminisce about your tiny bod I think back to an awkward body, pear shaped and a little pudgy. Once I reached my twenties I lost a little weight and got healthier,…

  • What I Learned: Pregnancy

    It’s been almost three months since I was pregnant and I wanted to record my experience before I completely forgot what it was like.

  • My Birth Story

    Warning: This post contains my birth photos. They’re very tasteful, but they’re still of me giving birth…in other words there is a lot of my skin exposed.

  • Rachel & Dylan’s Maternity Shoot

    Rachel & Dylan may look a little familiar because they’ve been on my blog before! Last year I had the privilege of taking their wedding photos and so I was over the moon when Rachel emailed telling me she was pregnant and asking me to take their maternity photos. We had so much fun hanging out…

  • Simon & Josie’s Maternity Shoot

    Simon is my younger brother and he and his wife Josie are expecting the first grandchild in our family…I’m so excited!