Instagram - Coast Edition

Over Easter Caleb and I went to the coast with my family, it was wonderful. A weekend full of Easter egg hunts, beach, yoga, naps and op shopping.

Instagram - an ode to Narrandera

This last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding in the town of Narrandera. It was a very eventful weekend in which myself and 5 other traveling companions got stranded in the town as all of its outgoing roads were cut off by flood waters. I'll share more of the story when I blog Chris and Stacie's beautiful, but very wet wedding!

What should I do with my Instagrams?

If you enjoy using Instagram as much as I do you may be accumulating some pretty great images...but the question is now what should you do with them all? What about making a book? Blurb have Instagram books starting from $12.95 and you can get up to 240 pages...that would be a pretty fat book. I saw my friend El tweeting about Stickygram a few weeks ago, why not turn your Instagrams into magnets! Or you could just make a giant collage like these people. I may just test out some of these…

Instagram to the max!

I'm running out of instagram titles for each of these be prepared, they might start getting weirder and weirder! Once again I hope you are enjoying my amazing phone photography skills.    

Instagram - The Last Few Months

I haven't shared an Instagram post for a while so this one is big! I love the whole Instagram world, I guess it's because I'm much better at expressing myself through images rather than words. I also love the challenge of taking good photos with my phone, I hope you enjoy.

Instagram Magic

I'm busy, super busy and unfortunately this means I've been neglecting my blog. So I had a spare five minutes and I thought I'd share some of my favourite Instagram images from the last month or so...just to keep you interested. Don't worry I have so many amazing weddings to share with you soon, that's why I'm busy it's wedding Season!


As you know I love taking photos and I’m also a little bit of a sucker for social networking…so I joined Instagram. Pretty much you have a profile, you take cute photos on your phone and then they get posted on your Facebook and Twitter. If you join please let me know, I’d love to follow you! Here are a few of my Instagram shots.