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  • pela’studio – Spring & Summer

    In October I did another shoot for pela’studio, as usual it was amazing. This time Pela asked me to step outside of my comfort zone and to shoot inside with a flash (as a general rule I prefer to shoot with natural light as much as possible) and I’m so glad she did! I had…

  • Moxom & Whitney – Valentine’s Day

    I did a little shoot for Moxom & Whitney in honor of Valentine’s Day! If you haven’t got anything for your honey yet make sure you go pick up some flowers or a terrarium….or maybe some cupcakes from the Sweet Bones crew who were the models in this shoot. Enjoy!

  • pela’studio part two

    Here is part two of my shoot with pela’studio, if you missed part one make sure you check it out here!

  • pela’studio part one

    Last week I did a shoot for pela’studio and it was so much fun! It was amazing to work with Pela and to be apart of her creative vision.

  • White Magick

    Last week I discovered Lover and their White Magick collection which is only available at their flagship store…which happens to be in Sydney! Canberra brides rejoice at this knowledge.

  • Keeley – A Personal Project

    A few days ago I did a shoot with my friend Keeley, she did me a huge favor and helped me out on this personal project that I’m working on. Keeley looked so great thanks to the wonderful Bernadette (who also does amazing wedding makeup) that we kept shooting after we finished my project and we…

  • Kelsey Genna

    New Zealand designer Kelsey Genna has just released their first bridal campaign and it’s beautiful. These awesome dresses are available online, if you’re a non-traditional bride one of these babies may be for you!

  • A Most Curious Party

    Here is some fun and different wedding inspiration I found on Rock n’ Roll Bride.  

  • Keeley Part 2.

    This is the second part of my shoot with the lovely Keeley! This half is a little less arty, we were more focused on the more traditional portfolio stuff. Enjoy!

  • Magic Mirror

    These crack me up! This crazy mirror was at the house when we did Keeley’s shoot…the first shot is what Keeley normally looks like and then notice what the mirror does to her face. She looks like a different girl in each shot, they totally creeped me out!

  • Keeley Part 1.

    My friend Keeley is a wonderful actress and she asked me to take some photos of her to update her portfolio. Obviously I said yes and we had a lovely morning hanging out and taking photos! Thanks to Cathy for letting us use her house, hope you enjoy.

  • A morning shoot

    I did a little shoot this morning with my good friend Keeley, here is a little sneak peek (taken on my phone). Enjoy!

  • Milk from a Thistle

    I’m pretty into Milk from a Thistle clothes…they’re hot.  

  • Depeapa

    How great is Depeapa? So beautiful.

  • Bridal Caps

    Bridal caps have been popular for a while now and I’ve heard some strong opinions for and against them. I think they can look awesome, but like most fashionable things you have to have the right face to wear one (by right I’m trying to say good looking in a polite way). Also do you think…

  • Urban Weeds

    My new favourite blog is Urban Weeds…it’s a simple concept – show amazing street style from Portland. I love how photographer Lisa Warninger finds these interesting people and shares a little bit of their style story. Lisa’s photography is perfect, she shows so much of each subject in the space of two frames. Make sure you…

  • J.Crew I love you!

    So as you might have guessed I get to see heaps of wedding dresses. Obviously they are all beautiful, but I myself tend to be a more partial towards simple gowns than the ‘blingy’ ones. So when I found J.Crew’s wedding dresses I fell I love! Simple, fun and not too expensive…could you ask for…

  • Culture – The Canberra Centre Magazine

    Firstly welcome to my new website and blog! I’ve finally switched and left my Tumblr behind…which is just a little sad. Lately I’ve been doing some fun work for the Canberra Centre’s magazine which is called Culture. It’s a fun little job that I do every few months photographing fashionable shoppers to go on the…

  • Joie Magazine – Fall 2011 the extras

    I’m so excited to share the rest of the Joie fall shoot with you today. As I mention before I got to work with the lovely models Lauren and Hannah, Hannah also helped style the shoot and designed some of the lovely clothes she wore. Many of you would also recognise the beautiful stylings and…

  • Joie Magazine – Fall 2011

    The fall issue of Joie magazine is out! Please click here and read it!I’m excited to share the images with you from my shoot on Monday.