An Autumn Family Shoot

Dan, Jemima and lovely Edie who has gotten so big since last time I saw her!

Veikkanen Family

Adam and Fiona not only have five beautiful children, but they also are the geniuses behind the Polo Restaurant...yep they're total overachievers. Sweet baby number five (at the time only known as 'Gum nut') arrived on Christmas Eve and so I popped over a few days later to photograph them all enjoying their summer holidays together.

Edie Newborn

You might recognise Jemima & Dan from their rainy wedding and now they have added sweet baby Edie to their family. These guys are pretty much the best and some of my favourites.

Bales Family

This is my favourite, hanging out with families in their homes and I love hearing about people's lives. This particular day we talked about everything from Frozen to Academy (yes that Academy), child birth to veggie gardens. It was a stack of fun.

Margot 6 Months

So when Walt turned 6 months old I stuck him on our bed and took a few snaps, not to play favourites I did the same thing with Margot. (Walt & Caleb also make an appearance in this shoot)


You might recognise this lovely family from their newborn shoot not so long ago. Well Erin & Jimmy have added another beautiful daughter to their clan...sweet Daisy.


I've known Josh and Katie since we were teenagers (like 5 years ago) and so I was super excited and flattered to be asked to photograph the newest addition to their family, lovely Naomi!

Baker Family

I took Libby & Harley's wedding photos very early on in my wedding photography career and so I was super pumped when they came back for family photos!

Odell Family

I love it when couples who had me photograph their wedding come back to see me for family photos. Not only is it wonderful getting to meet their little people, but it's super flattering that they choose me again!

Harding Family

We met early in the morning before coffee and breakfast, bubbles and Finn's lovely face made the early wake up totally worth it. (Peta & Matt's faces were lovely too)


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting lovely Indie, she is one beautiful baby.

The Spear Family

It rains every time I photograph Mark & Christina, both their engagement and their wedding photos were interrupted by rain. Thankfully this time we'd already planned for an indoor shoot!

Gilbert Meets Wesley

A few hours after Josie gave birth I returned to the hospital for a mini shoot so that I could photograph Gilbert meeting his new baby brother.

Walt's Mini Shoot

Last week was cold and rainy so I decided to do a little photo shoot with Walt!

The de Hoog Family

A couple of weeks ago I spent the afternoon with Annika, her beautiful family and their animals. We started the shoot in their backyard and then we went down to their favourite pond to feed the ducks.

Walt Six Weeks

By now you probably have heard that I've had a baby, because I've become on of those crazy Mum's who takes millions of photos of their babies and gets excited when he burps.

Messy Family Photos

At the beginning of this year Annika & I had the great pleasure of taking Jess & Gavin's wedding photos, on that day we also met the lovely Polly who was a bridesmaid. We got a wonderful surprise when Polly later contacted us to take her family photos, a few weeks ago Annika took Polly and her family down to the lake for some very messy photos! Enjoy!

Canberra Family Portraits

Whitney Family

Last month Annika took the Whitney's out for some family photos (you may recognise the lovely Belinda as half of the amazing Moxom & Whitney), enjoy!

Simon, Josie & Gilbert

Earlier this year you may remember I photographed my brother Simon & his lovely wife Josie's new baby Gilbert. Well, it's been about 6 months which means it's time for another photo shoot and you'll notice that little Gilbert is not so little anymore, he's grown into a very happy and chubby baby! Once again I took the photos at Simon and Josie's house, I love taking family photos in their natural environment. I hope you enjoy!

The Ireson Family

I have exciting news...Thorson Photography now does family photos! I've been getting inquiries from people for a while now and so we've made some changes, I'm continuing to shoot weddings and couples and Annika is going to take family photos. Below is Annika's first family shoot for Thorson Photography!