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  • Odell Family

    I love it when couples who had me photograph their wedding come back to see me for family photos. Not only is it wonderful getting to meet their little people, but it’s super flattering that they choose me again!

  • Harding Family

    We met early in the morning before coffee and breakfast, bubbles and Finn’s lovely face made the early wake up totally worth it. (Peta & Matt’s faces were lovely too)

  • Baby Stuff – My Top 5 Favourite Things

    I admit I’m a snob, I like pretty things and most baby things are ugly covered with weird embroidery…so when I found out I was pregnant I started to search the internet for the not ugly stuff. A few of my friends who don’t have babies asked me to post a list of what I…

  • Walt Six Weeks

    By now you probably have heard that I’ve had a baby, because I’ve become on of those crazy Mum’s who takes millions of photos of their babies and gets excited when he burps.

  • Messy Family Photos

    At the beginning of this year Annika & I had the great pleasure of taking Jess & Gavin’s wedding photos, on that day we also met the lovely Polly who was a bridesmaid. We got a wonderful surprise when Polly later contacted us to take her family photos, a few weeks ago Annika took Polly…

  • Simon, Josie & Gilbert

    Earlier this year you may remember I photographed my brother Simon & his lovely wife Josie’s new baby Gilbert. Well, it’s been about 6 months which means it’s time for another photo shoot and you’ll notice that little Gilbert is not so little anymore, he’s grown into a very happy and chubby baby! Once again I took…

  • The Ireson Family

    I have exciting news…Thorson Photography now does family photos! I’ve been getting inquiries from people for a while now and so we’ve made some changes, I’m continuing to shoot weddings and couples and Annika is going to take family photos. Below is Annika’s first family shoot for Thorson Photography!

  • Canberra Family Portrait

    Thorson Kids In Mexico

    If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’d know that I love taking photos of my nieces and nephews! Asher, Anna, Jesse and Josie live in the USA and so if I’m lucky I see them once a year…but this year we were really lucky to see each other in Mexico. One morning…

  • Gilbert

    Meet my nephew Gilbert, he might just be the cutest baby in the whole wide world…I’m not biased at all! I’ve never been a ‘baby photographer’ but I loved going into Simon & Josie’s house and experiencing their life with a new baby, as Josie said “I’m not really one for putting my baby in a flower pot”…we…

  • The de Hoog Family

    You’ve probably noticed by now that I don’t do much family photography…but when one of my favourite families asks how can I refuse? Annika is my amazing second shooter, I’ve played in a band with Nat for about 6 years and their kids Oscar & Matilda are pretty much the cutest ever!

  • Girls in a Wedding Dress

    When we were visiting our family in the Sates Mary asked me take some photos of her lovely girls Anna and Josie. The conversation went something like “I saw this picture on pinterest of a little girl wearing her Mum’s wedding dress, could you take photos like that of Anna and Josie?” and me being…

  • Family Time At The Park

    Here is a little shoot I did with my nieces and nephews while I was in the States.

  • The Hilden Family

    I’m not a family photographer, but how could I say no to our favourite friends Dave and Jessica when they wanted portraits? Especially when we only get to see them once a year! So I hope you enjoy this little break from all the weddings that usually fill my blog.

  • Josie

    This is my sweet niece who lives in the States, I had a hard time not taking her home with us.

  • Winter Wonderland – The Family

    The other styled shoot at Winter Wonderland was a family. Now I’m not a family or children’s photographer, so I kind of hung back during this shoot…but I still learnt some new tips and managed to snap a few shots to share with you!

  • Family Lake Time

    For the last month I’ve been in the States visiting friends and family…I’m excited to share some of the images I took with you!