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  • Elissa

    When Elissa first contacted me about doing a maternity boudoir shoot I may have done a fist pump. The chance to photograph a pregnant woman in her underwear… Yes please!

  • Is My House Nice Enough?

    Some women get nervous at the thought of me coming and photographing them in their homes. They like their spaces, but they don’t feel like their homes are glamorous enough. So today I’m going to share with you some photos of Josie’s lovely home and the photos that I took there. Just to give you an…

  • Ruby

    Ruby was my first paid boudoir shoot. Before that I had conned friends, friends of friends and past brides to take their clothes off for me.

  • Alana

    I took Alana’s wedding photos a few years ago and so was super excited when she contacted me for a boudoir shoot, she’s a fun cookie to hangout with.

  • Emma

    Emma gave me hope as we chatted, sharing about taking naps, reading books and having time to go the gym.

  • Boudoir – The Whole Story

    Earlier this year I started shooting boudoir full of energy and excitement…then it stalled. Essentially what happened was the hotel I was photographing in found out and told me that 1. I wasn’t allowed to photograph there anymore and 2. I could no longer use all the photos I had already taken. I was very…