I’ve been thinking lately about how blessed I am to be a wedding photographer. You’re probably thinking “yes Amanda…we know you get to work from home and set your own hours, you’ve told us enough times.” And that is true, but more than that…it’s the people.

On Saturday night I was at a reception listening to the bride Boronia give the most amazing speech to her husband Simon. I looked across the room at my second shooter Annika who like me was struggling to hold back tears and I remembering thinking to myself  “only 60 people in the world get to watch this amazing moment and I’m one of them”. What a privilege to witness couples making the biggest commitment of their lives surrounded by their closest friends and family.

Sorry I’m being a little mushy today, but I really do love my job. Below is just a sneak peak of the wedding I’m going to show you next week…you are going to love it!