When we were visiting our good friends Dave and Jessica in Minnesota we thought it would be funny for the boys to have ‘Best Friends’ photo shoot. It was hilarious…even when I was editing the photos of Caleb and Dave I was cracking up! I hope you enjoy this bit of fun.

Joie Fall - Behind the Scenes

This weekend I had the pleasure of shooting another fashion spread for Joie Magazine. I had a lovely time down at Uriarra Crossing with Lisa, Hannah and Lauren. I took some behind the scenes shots so you can have a little snoop into what we were doing, enjoy! If you want a little more detail about what’s going on in the photos check out my Facebook. Also if you are interested in seeing some of the images from the last shoot I did for Joie go here.

Pigeon Toe

It seems everywhere I look at the moment I see Pigeon Toe products…and why not? They are amazing! Pretty much at the moment I’m sorting through my favourite pieces trying to work out what to buy first. So I thought I would show you what I’m deciding between. The Pleated String Lights are on the very top of my list. I’ve been very into triangles at the moment, so these Triangle Cards are perfect! How beautiful are these Peaked Nesting Bowls?


I like sports a lot. I love going to a game! The crowd, yelling being socially acceptable and eating hotdogs…what more could you ask for?

When I first lived in the states and met Caleb we used to go see the Twins play all the time as it was a cheap night out ($3). So when it was announced that the Twins had a new stadium I knew we would have to go to a game next time we visited…unfortunately the tickets are no longer $3.

We had the best time and it didn’t hurt that the winning run was scored by Luke Hughes the Twins only Australian player!

Virgin Suicides

 Many of you know how much I love Sofia Coppola movies…the woman is a genius. My love affair with her movies began with Virgin Suicides, I remember seeing it in high school and being mesmerised by its beautiful images and story telling. If you haven’t seen it…you must!

The Cabin

The first thing we did when we arrived in the States was to visit Chipotle (to eat a burrito the size of a baby). The second thing we did was to travel north of the Twin Cities and go to our friends Dave and Jessica’s cabin. We had a lovely few days…reading, watching Harry Potter, cross stitching, sleeping and going out in the boat. Hope you like.

At the Zoo

I’m not the biggest fan of family portraits. Perhaps it’s that I began my photographic career working in a ‘family’ studio and spent my days getting my hair pulled by screaming children. I’m not a kid person…but I love my nieces and nephews! They could pull my hair all day long and I wouldn’t love them any less. I also love taking their photos, yes I do traditional family portraits for them…but by far my favourite thing to do is just follow them around while they are being kids. I had an amazing time photographing them at the lake which if you missed is here…another adventure we went on was going to the zoo. I hope you enjoy!

Family Lake Time

For the last month I’ve been in the States visiting friends and family…I’m excited to share some of the images I took with you!

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