Ask Amanda – what’s with your blog?

Question: What’s with your blog? Why do you have other stuff besides your photography? – signed everybody (lots of people ask me this)

Answer: In my business I’m not only selling my photographs, I’m selling myself. On their wedding day a couple spends a huge amount of time with their photographer, so they should (hopefully) like their photographer. If a couple has been able to get to know me even just a little bit through my blog…I’ve succeeded. It can help them decide whether or not they want to book me, because unbelievably some people don’t like nerds. But my personal blog posts are primarily for the people who have already booked me, they get to know me so much better than they would without my blog. At their wedding I get to meet their friends, hear how they met and sometimes even see family moments they wished had never happened. This blog at least puts us on a more even playing field, they know embarrassing facts about me and hopefully this puts them at ease when letting me into to their lives on this important day.

Below is an artistic photo of myself that I took whilst plucking my eyebrows.