Ally & Tom

The moment I first met Ally & Tom we clicked and I knew I wanted to take their wedding photos! They love good food, fine wine, Jane Austen (well Ally does, I don’t know about Tom’s reading tastes) and good conversation…they’re my kind of people and their wedding was a perfect reflection of their tastes.

They had a beautiful day time wedding at St John’s Reid and their amazing reception was at the National Gallery of Australia, it was perfect. A really fun element of Ally & Tom’s wedding was that they asked all their guests to dress up…ladies in hats and gentlemen in tails, it was so much fun to photograph! One other thing I can’t forget to mention is Tom’s speech, it was incredible, hands down the best speech I’ve ever heard…I’ve never seen so many swooning women in my life!

Thank you Ally & Tom for choosing us to take your wedding photographs and making us feel so welcome (they gave us Bison pottery, I couldn’t believe it…their generosity was astounding!). Also thanks Anni for second shooting, you’re the best.

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