A Quote.

I’ve noticed a lot of photographers and creative people in general seem to like quotes. Whether it be on Twitter or on their Facebook, quotes are a regularly posted and they usually include something about ‘working for your dreams’.

Now I’m not trying to bash quotes or the people who love them, instead I thought I would jump on the ‘quote bandwagon’ and find some quotes I actually like. Because most of the time the quotes I come across seem little to mushy for this practical girl. I discovered this excellent quote whilst putting together my latest brochure (which I will share with you tomorrow).

“No husband of mine will say, “I could have been a drummer, but I had to think about the wife and kids. You know how it is.” Nobody supports me at the expense of his own adventure.” – Maxine Hong Kingston, Asian American author and sage

Also I’m really excited to share this engagement shoot with you next week.