5 tips for better wedding photos

Here are some tips for you, the bride & groom on how you can get wonderful wedding photos!

1. Have an open mind. You’ve booked your photographer for two reasons, you love their photos and you get along well. So trust them to take amazing photos! Couples who fully put their faith in me and throw themselves whole heartedly into the photo experience will always get better images…even if at the time it seems a little crazy.

2. Leave enough time. I’m very flexible about how long I take on a wedding day, but longer is always better.

3. Engagement shoots. If you aren’t going to leave much time for photos on your wedding day an engagement shoot can really help in making sure you have amazing photos. It always takes a little while for couples to warm up in front of the camera and usually the first images taken during location aren’t as good as the last. But I’ve found couples who’ve had an engagement shoot jump straight in and are comfortable right from the start…they know the drill.

4. Leave your wedding party behind. I’ve been doing this for a while now and I’ve found that if I go off with the couple on their own I get better results. Even if the bridal party just waits with the cars for a while, the less distractions the better.

5. Location, location, location. I can take beautiful photos pretty much anywhere, but location really does matter….it can strongly effect the feel of your images. I would recommend really thinking about where you want your images taken, or letting your photographer know what kind of feel you want and letting them go nuts! I love scouting for new locations, it’s one of my favourite things when a couple says “we trust you Amanda and we’ll do whatever you want”. The image below is of one of those wonderful couples, Claire & Ray…their wedding will be on my blog next week.